With the artful Instagram project ‘Taboob’, Noortje & Jasper joined forces to test the prudish algorithm of Instagram. The algorithm blocks naked female breasts, but… what is a female breast according to a computer program? Should a breast be… round? White? Could it be hairy, have seven nipples, or none at all?

Together with stylists Farah el Bastani and Harriet Wouters, Jasper and Noortje photographed 75 different breasts that they posted on Instagram page @taboobofficial. The concept turned out to be a hot topic because in just a few days time their following base grew with a couple of thousands and, finally, Instagram blocked their page. Twice.
Taboob’s blocked instagram:

An artful investigation into Instagram's definition of a female breast.


Jasper Declerq & Noortje Palmers